Do you have unsightly, purple spider veins in your face, legs or elsewhere on your body? Spider veins are a very common condition and often don’t cause symptoms. Spider veins (and more serious varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency) are most prevalent in Western Europe and the United States. Women are most often affected, as noted in studies published by the National Institutes of Health.

Even if you’re not concerned with the effect of spider veins on your appearance, it’s still important to rule out other vascular conditions that may be signaled by spider veins. Local residents are encouraged to consult Modesto vein doctors for a simple evaluation. Merced vein treatment may be covered by your insurance, especially if Patterson vascular surgeons see a deeper vein problem and recommend treatment.

When to see a doctor about spider vains or varicose veins

Putting health concerns from spider veins or varicose veins out of your mind is a very valid reason to seek vein treatment. Any health change or condition in your body should be investigated, particularly if it is causing you stress. Although spider veins are generally not a threat to your health, some people may be disturbed by their appearance. There’s no reason to allow this stress, and the possibility of a deeper, hidden vain condition, to wear you down. A simple evaluation at a local Turlock vein clinic can lower your stress level–and help prevent vein disease from harming your health. Remember that keeping your stress level low is not just a quality of life issue, it’s a health issue in itself. Consider a simple consultation and evaluation by our dedicated local Modesto vein doctors if you have:

  • Pain, even if it’s a relatively minor, dull ache. It’s simple to rule out more serious, hidden vein problems and the need for vein treatment.
  • Leg symptoms which interfere with your daily schedule or activities.
  • A vein that’s become red, swollen, warm or is tender when touched.
  • You develop a rash or sore on the leg, generally near the ankle. (However, blood clots and thromboses can appear in other areas.)
  • Your ankle skin begins to thicken or change color.
  • One of your varicose veins starts to bleed.
  • The appearance of spider veins or varicose is causing you distress.

If you’re interested in spider vein treatment, it’s a relatively simple and straightforward process involving non-invasive methods. Don’t delay–call for an appointment at one of our local vein clinics for a vein specialist’s assessment of your spider veins. Dr. Anjani Thakur in Turlock, CA is a noted vein doctor and experienced vascular surgeon, specializing in vein conditions from mild to severe. Dr. Thakur uses the latest treatment techniques and advanced technology to help patients who need superficial treatment and those who require vascular surgery.

Dr. Anjani Thakur and Dr. Vijaya Thakur offer spider vein treatment at their conveniently-located vein clinics in the communities of Turlock, Merced, Patterson, Livingston, Los Banos and Chowchilla. Contact the doctors today at for more information about vein health–or to schedule a consultation at one of the Valley Vein Health Centers.